Sunday, 6 November 2011

Recycling. Textiles and Lace

A number of students are working on dissertations or final projects revolving around recycling. I will tackle the topic under different media, providing some visual stimuli. I have also responded to academic requests in more detailed emails, as there is so much material out there. Maria, hopefully you will have got my fuller email of ideas and links, but you were particularly interested in looking at recycling in textiles, lace and dyes. I will add some images here to inspire others.
Silvina Romero has used recycled scraps of textiles, dyed, re-woven, etc., to create jewellery.

Silvana Romero

Amanda White doesn't resuse textiles, but uses vintage lace and ribbon and casts them in silver and gold, turning fluid fabric into metallic filagree. Barbi Touron converts bike inner tubes into lace-style urban jewellery.(Urban Lace)

Amanda White: Cast vintage lace


Fashion made from plastic bottles

Recycled Bottles

Recycled Bottles - Armour

Adhesif: Upcycled fashion

Well Fashioned Exhibition

Well Fashioned Exhibition

Bridget West: Pieces of You: Cushions made from care labels.

Terra Plana: High Street shoes from old textiles

Sophie Gorton recycled textiles

There is a huge amount of material in print and on the web, as, in an age of austerity, we are looking at reusing materials to both save money and save the planet.

Alison Willoughby: The Skirt

Emmeline Child sold her clothes through Top Shop, partnered with The Salvation Army, recycling/upcycling garments, with profits going back to the charity. Her label is Emmeline 4 Re.

Mia Nisbet likewise reuses textiles for her fashion line:


Lauren Stanley, like a number of textile artists, uses recycled threads for interior products.

Cal Lane creates beautiful lace like finishes using laser cutters on discarded metal.

There are so many sites to check out, but try the following:

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