Monday, 17 October 2011

Apocalypse Now

Thinking more about your dissertation, Sylwia, you actually cover quite a large field, by naming art, photography, film and fashion. Is it important that you address all of these? Fashion, for example, seems a little tangential, unless you are working in the mode of a fashion photographer in your negotiated project. You don't have a huge number of words to play with in a dissertation, even though it may seem enormous at the moment, so you need to keep a tight focus, otherwise you will just scrape the surface and write a superficial survey rather than produce analytical depth. It occured to me in your theme, that there is a link to what is currently going on around the world, in terms of riots in London and the Middle East. Are there reportage or fine art photographers out there who have re-interpreted paintings of the apocalypse? I'll just add a few images to get you thinking including natural apocalypses such as famine and tsunami, as well as human acts of destruction, such as the riots.

Riots in Egypt

Carra: Death of an Anarchist

Cars in Japan after the Tsunami

Tom Hunter: For Batter or Worse. Fight after a wedding based on.....

Piero di Cosimo: Fight between the Lapiths and Centaurs 1500 - 1515

The battling horses here look like a Uccello, such as the Battle of San Romano

The two images above are by Sabastiao Selgado, the top of a refugee camp, and the lower image taken in Equador
The Cartoon Riots in Syria

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