Saturday, 13 August 2011

Anyone stuck on their summer art, design or fashion project?

If you're stuck on your summer project or dissertation, or need some ideas for contextual referencing, do add a query in the comments box and I will see if I can help....

Friday, 12 August 2011

Beautiful uses for mundane things

Chandeliers offer the opportunity for wonderful flights of fancy, combining innovative contemporary design with delivering atmospheric effects to the spaces they light. They can also be made of things you would normally throw away, and yet look absolutely fantastic! Winnie Lui is a jewellery designer from Hong Kong, and creates either black or white chandeliers from found objects:

Stuart Haygarth has collected random pieces of plastic found on the beach, to create his chandelier 'Tide'. He has also created chandeliers out of old spectacles and used party poppers.

 Frying Pan Chandelier

Guerilla Girls: Tampon Chandelier

     Hanger lights                Heath Nash: Plastic Bottle Lights

Johanna Keimeyer: Plastic bottle Chandeliers

Madeleine Boulesteix's chandeliers  are created from kitchen utensils, glasses and cups.

And finally, a rather gruesome chandelier from the Czech Republic made of the human bones of plague victims.
More bottle art will be added in due course, including some interesting garments.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Holiday inspirations

Andres Amador
As you sit on the beach, think what a fabulous creative material sand can be. It can be drawn into, like the work of San Franciscan, Andres Amador and New Zealander, Peter Donnelly, sculpted with, or used for drawing. If you are not one of the two and a half million who have seen the amazing Kseniya Simonova at work, watch this incredible video - she has an interesting background and immense dedication: Kseniya Simonova: Ukraine's Got Talent 

Andres Amador

Peter Donnelly


Andres Amador