Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Welcome, all art and design students,

I am your Fairy Art Mother, (Fam, for short), here to help you make your art and design career dreams come true!
Stuck writing an assignment? Run out of ideas for contextual referencing? I won't write your essay for you, but you can call on my wide experience as an art school tutor, designer, writer and examiner, and I will help you out with ideas and a structure.
So upload your questions and I will wave my magic wand.

I will also add information on interesting designers and artists week by week to inspire you and keep the ball rolling.


  1. An excellent idea. Look forward to seeing your posts.

  2. Hi FAM. I have an interview for a fine art BA course next week and I've got to do a presentation on my favourite artist. I really love Carravagio, but do you think they will think this too old fashioned or should I look to someone more contemporary? Ray

  3. hi :)
    I am currently going into my final year of BA visual communications specialising in photography. I am researching for my dissertation, I am looking to write about therapeutic art, how effective is it? how does it help people? what artists (with a particular reference to photographers) use therapeutic art etc. I was wondering if there were any books or any forms of reference and research that you could recommend.
    thank you.

  4. Hi Bethy,
    I've answered your query as a new post. Do take a look, and see if it is any help. Good luck.
    The FAM x